Step Two

First, dive into the Acton Academy Sioux Falls resource page and blog. You can submit our Get a Free Book form on our resources page to receive a free copy of Courage to Grow by Laura Sandefer.

We also recommend the book Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich, and Jeff Sandefer's session on The Learner Driven Revolution.

You may also be interested in the following books and TED talks:

  1. Sugata Mitra | Build a School in the Cloud TED Talk
  2. Sal Kahn | Let's teach for mastery - not test scores TED Talk
  3. Todd Rose | The Myth of Average TED Talk
  4. Carol Dweck | The power of believing that you can improve TED Talk
  5. Sir Ken Robinson | Do schools kill creativity? TED Talk

Second, answer the following questions.

Note: You may want to first draft your answers in a word processing document as responses and progress on this form cannot be saved.

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