Guide Application Step 2

Thank you for your interest in Acton Academy Sioux Falls and congratulations on making it through the first step of this three-step audition process that will lead to an interview.

In Step 2, we’d like to help you learn more about the opportunity and we’d like to learn more about your goals.

Note: You may want to first draft your answers in a word processing document as responses and progress on this form cannot be saved.

Basic Info


  • Please take some time to research Acton Academy. Read Courage to Grow by Laura Sandefer. Then, review our Blog and Recommended Resources page ; listen to all the videos and read the resources you find linked there. These are rich resources with lots of insights into the Acton Academy model and method of learning. You will gain the vision of our work and the fundamentals of our learner-driven community.

  • As a Guide you will be working directly with our learners, encouraging them on their Hero’s Journeys and diving deeply into learning about the Acton method. This will require you to carefully observe our learning environments and to read many books throughout the year. You will work under our Head of School who will provide you with guidance as well as direct and honest feedback throughout your tenure. This position gives you the chance to grow as an individual, and to be part of something truly transformative. It comes with a great deal of trust, responsibility, and exciting challenges.

Once you submit your answers to the four questions above, we will send you the third and final step within 96 hours.

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